About R.G.F Gestalt therapy

” The Gestalt is the original, undistorted and natural approach to life, that is, to mankind’s thinking, acting and feeling.”

“Here and Now”

Learning is a process that continuation of it in any form is necessary for growth.

  • From 2015, I gained knowledge of clinical hypnosis through the Ontario and Alberta deviation of hypnosis society Since then, I have been teaching and practicing hypnosis.
  • Clinical supervision training took place at Saint Paul University Ottawa year 2015.
  • Advabce hypnosis training took place at Dalhousie University year 2004.
  • Hypnosus intermediate level took place Alberta division year 2003.
  • Hypnosis introductory training took place at Mississauga year 2003.
  • I have been practicing gestalt therapy and art therapy since 2002.
  • Post graduate from Gestalt institution of the National  Capital year 2001.
  • I have been trained on Adlerain Pychology at the Gestalt Institute of The National Capital year 2000
  • I held several successful international and national workshops since then.
  • I combined all gained knowledge in my work with clients and gained special experience within my field. 

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