ART Therapy

Theory of Principles of Gestalt Psychological Theories of Perception: It becomes apparent that the laws of Gestalt theories of perception guide this approach with knowing that perception is an active process.

  • We create figures and backgrounds spontaneously and naturally (figure/ground).
  • We show a natural tendency to complete wholes and effect the closure of “open” or unfinished parts of wholes (closure).
  • There is a tendency to be aware of certain patterns (laws of similarity and proximity)
  • There is a further tendency to reduce configurations to simple forms (“good” forms, the law of Prägnanz).
  • Our perception is influenced by actual needs, wants, desires, experiences, and individual personalities.
  • Actively organizing forces are present in meaningful wholes (Rhyne, 1973b, p. 8ff.).

The crucial aspect of the therapist’s task in the Gestalt art experience is her or his skill in transferring the insights and realizations of the entire process into the way one structures and experiences one’s life and relationships.


Art Therapy Training

Private training is available.

In group setting training will take place every weekend:

Saturday 9:30am to 7:30pm

Sunday   9:30am to 7:30pm

Registration fee for each level is $1800 plus tax.