Clinical services

I do offer clinical services, which means all my work is based on special knowledge that is required, which I use through the methodology of Gestalt and Hypnosis phenomenon.

Group Therapy

A workshop also is an educational approach for a group of people who feel they can be helped by peers. Workshops are based on; gaining educational knowledge, experiencing the self, and experimenting that knowledge and experiences. Facilitating sessions within groups of people is based on social education that includes, social and ethical norms. In workshop, self discovery happens throughout of self-acceptance by becoming aware of own needs, desire and wants.

Clinical Hypnosis

Spiegel 1994
“Hypnosis is a natural state of aroused, attentive focal concentration with a relative suspension of peripheral awareness. It involves an intensity of focus that allows the hypnotized person to make maximal use of innate abilities to control perception, memory, and somatic function.”

Art Therapy

“Art always has been a strong tool for expression of feeling and understanding of the self and it’s Surrounding yet, the subject matter of art also has been overlooked, ignored, denied for various (cultural, intellectual), reasons. However, art therapy is a way of dealing with inner and outer conflict of any individual at any age.” Art therapy is a non-judgmental and fun way of approaching any conflict.

Clinical Supervision

"Clinical supervision is an approach consolidating professional identity as it directly addresses the dialectic between an individual's maturational process and a facilitating environment."

Awareness is an interplay in which both the person and the environment participate. “Contact”; Contacting is the way we change and grow. It is a movement within the inner self and outer Self. The way we grasp our lives and organize our environment for the best achievement and solutions will support individual growth.

Gestalt Therapy

“Here and Now”; Gestalt Therapy focuses on the moment, the now, here and now. The idea of the now and the immediate moment in terms of the content and structure of the present experience is the most important principle of the Gestalt methodology. The now contains experience, awareness, and reality. Now = Experience = Awareness = Reality.